What our customers are saying about us -

I purchased some of your "Aspire" goats cheese on my visit to Ightam Mote several weeks ago and I am just taken aback by the flavour. Have taken a little while to track you down. I cannot wait to visit Blackheath to restock and try some of your other cheeses. The "Aspire" was just wonderful. Have never felt so strong to congratulate on such a wonderful product.
Graham Condy, Bexleyheath

Hi again all,
I was in Chichester on Friday.
Think I first got some from the market at Fareham a little while ago.
I do like the stronger cheeses. I love Aspire and the Black Jack.
Always on the lookout for your stall.
Bob Clarke

Dear all,
There are very few times I feel the need to express my feelings on any product.
However this is one. After trying your cheese a few months ago, I find I cannot just walk past your stall whenever I happen to see it.
The quality and taste are second to none in my opinion . You should all be very proud about the cheese you produce.
I am looking forward to getting my next fix of your GREAT cheese !
Keep up the good work....
Mr Robert Clarke


Packed full of vitamins and full of flavour!

The slimmer's friend!

Thank you Nut Knowle Farm - Rosemarie from Emsworth

I was at the Wild Food Market in Brook Green last Saturday and I have to tell you that your trader Paul is excellent as is your goats cheese, in particular, the lemon pepper log. It was delicious and one way or another I've had some of your cheese everyday since, my waist line probably won't thank me later on but it's been worth it.


Dear team at Nut Knowle Farm
I just wanted to compliment you on your most amazing different ranges and beautiful
flavours of your goats cheeses. The County Show was how I found out about you.
You will most definitely have a loyal and frequent customer. Please send me some brochures for me to hand out.
I have been in business my self for 23 years and love to see other businesses work to such a high
Yours sincerely
PS Keep up the good work.


Hello, I haven’t seen you at Tunbridge Wells farmers market for a few weeks maybe due to summer holidays?  I’m hoping you’ll be back there soon as I’m missing your delicious goats cheese.
Best wishes


I bought some of your delicious goat cheese at the Ripleys Farmers Market several months ago.  I seemed to have missed you at the last two markets.  Can you tell me if you will be attending Ripley again soon and if not, where else might I be able to purchase your cheese?
Thank you,
Tricia Kirchner